Working plan for managing wild dogs

This wild dog management strategy is made up of 2 books:

Guidelines for Preparing a Working Plan to Manage Wild Dogs: This guide (the brown book) is an aid to completing a Working Plan to Manage Wild Dogs (the green book). The brown book follows the 6-step strategic approach to managing pest animals and gives some common answers to the questions posed in the green book. The strategic approach aims to assist the various stakeholders to work together and develop a strategic plan of action to manage wild dogs in their area.
The brown book also outlines a nil-tenure approach to planning and budgeting that has worked successfully in the Brindabella-Wee Jasper area.

The second document (the green book) is a template for preparing a plan of action for the on-ground management of wild dogs. It outlines a 6-step strategic approach to managing wild dogs and poses a number of questions to assist in making a local plan.

Author NSW Dept of Primary Industries
Date null
Year 2003
Notes Notes
Region NSW