Winter and spring habits of weasels in central Iowa

4 frenata and 1 rixosa on 160 acres of flat corn prairie, observed by snowtracking. Latrines at burrow entrances and latrine chanbers inside burrow provided scats for analysis. Bold and curious but will abandon den if disturbed. Nest lined with fur and floor laterd with fresh grass covering old scats. Stored mice often only partly eaten, also signs of cannibalism. In 97 winter scats + 34 spring scats, mostly of longtail, no game birds and few other birds, but 43% Microtus, 21% harvest mouse, 10 % deer mouse, 8% rabbit, 5 % shrew, 5% least weasel.

Author E. B. Polderboer, L. W. Kuhn and G. O. Hendrickson
Year 1941
Secondary title Journal of Wildlife Management
Volume 5
Number 1
Pages 115-119