Wild dogs on scent lures

These images were taken by a digital game camera on a property in south east Queensland (Austinville) as part of a trial to identify each of the single individual feral animals on the property, as well as investigate their breeding, growth and movements and test several attractants.

The images show:
1. Two wild dogs on scent sand trap
2. Wild dogs back on scent trap
3. Wild dog reacting to fat lure
4. Wild dog searching for shavings – pigs ear lure
5. Alert wild dog pup
6. Wild dog on pig spray lure
7. Wild dog on tuna oil lure
8. Wild dog female on salami smell lure
9. Dingo on scent lure target

Images courtesy Michael Dickinson, Email: micsall@aapt.net.au

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Author Michael Dickinson
Secondary Author Michael Dickinson
Date null
Year 2007
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Institution Wildlife Spotter/ Catcher
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Region QLD