Wild Dog Alert

Why we need a Wild Dog Alert system

Wild Dog Alert is a system that will firmly place livestock producers and other land managers on the front foot to manage wild dogs. Combining automated recognition of camera trap images with real-time messaging, the Wild Dog Alert system will notify producers that wild dogs have invaded their farm before attacks occur to enable producers to act early. This will give farmers a ‘first strike’ capability in their fight against wild dogs, so they can be proactive and put in place immediate and targeted management strategies to avoid stock losses.

Wild dogs are a major problem for many livestock producers across Australia. Often, wild dog control has necessarily been reactive and expensive, with landholders and contractors effectively forced to ‘chase’ dogs after livestock have been maimed and killed.  In chronic cases this can go on for weeks, months or even years, taking a heavy toll on enterprises, families and communities. Tracking studies show that wild dogs may be present on farms for days or weeks before losses occur.

How Wild Dog Alert works

Wild Dog Alert will bring together significant developments in automated recognition, remote communication and understanding of wild dog movements to provide proactive management options for livestock producers wherever wild dogs occur.  Integrating the early warning capability of Wild Dog Alert with the Invasive Animals CRCs Wild Dog Scan app will allow groups of cooperating landholders to receive information about the movements of individual wild dogs within their local area and act together to prevent losses from occurring.

Wild Dog Alert System diagram. This aerial photograph shows an area of public and private land where wild dogs can cause significant livestock losses. Yellow dots show places where holes are made regularly in the dog fence by kangaroos and other animals, allowing wild dogs access to livestock. These are ideal places for Wild Dog Alert sentinel stations.

As well as aiding land managers to prevent wild dog incursions and attacks on livestock, the Wild Dog Alert system will provide an unprecedented opportunity to monitor wild dog activity and efficiently inform the development and review of strategic regional wild dog management plans. Similarly, information about the location and identity of individual wild dogs could be sent to wild dog controllers to aid them in their day-to-day work.

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Author Invasive Animals CRC
Year 2015
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