Why Are Predator Urines Aversive to Prey

Predator odors often repel prey species. In the present experiments, we investigated whether changes in the diet of a predator, the coyote (Canis latrans) would affect the repellency of its urine. Furthermore, because predator odors have a high sulfur content, reflecting large amounts of meat in the diet, we investigated the contribution of sulfurous odors to repellency. Our results were consistent with the hypothesis that diet composition and sulfurous metabolites of meat digestion are important for the repellency of predator odors to potential prey. [References: 33] 33

Author D. L. Nolte, J. R. Mason, G. Epple, E. Aronov and D. L. Campbell
Year 1994
Secondary title Journal of Chemical Ecology
Volume 20
Number 7
Pages 1505-1516