Weed eradication on Gough Island, South Atlantic

Gough Island in the South Atlantic is part of the United Kingdom Overseas Territory of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. The island forms part of a World Heritage Natural Site and recently has been designated as a Ramsar Wetland Site of International Importance. Gough is operated as a strict nature reserve and the only habitation is a South African meteorological station.
These photos were taken during a weed eradication program, funded by the UK’s Overseas Territories Environment Programme via the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and carried out with the approval of the Conservation Department, Tristan da Cunha. Photos courtesy John Cooper, 2008.

  • Image 1: Rescue training on Gough Island: essential to work in safety when eradicating Sagina on the cliffs.
  • Image 2: Trevor Glass, Head of the Tristan da Cunha Conservation Department, stands by the hot-water boiler used to kill Sagina seeds in the soil on Gough Island.
  • Image 3: Searching for Tall Vervain among Broad-leaf Dock Rumex obtusifolius, a naturalized alien, on Gough Island.

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Author John Cooper
Secondary Author Wendy Henderson
Year 2008
Secondary title GoughIsland1.jpg; GoughIsland2.jpg; GoughIsland3.jpg
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Place published Gough Island