Weasel and stoat

Total of 50 weasels and 12 stoats eartagged, released, some have been recaptured 50 times on 80 acres (32 ha). Main aim is to find out how the combined predator force of weasels stoats and short-eared owls affect the numbers of Microtus. Propoertion of monthly losses attributed to predation is tabulated – was the most important single factor in late winter. From 1 Feb to 30 Ap, predators reduced voles from 225/ha to 112/ha. But when breeding started the predators could not prevent the rapid increase in voles, so other checks came into operation. Vole damage to trees is usually in late winter and any reduction in voles then helps the forester.

Author J. D. Lockie, W. N. Charles and E. K
Year 1962
Secondary title Annual Report of the Nature Conservancy
Volume 1962
Pages 83-84