Virus-vectored immunocontraception to control feral cats on islands: a mathematical model

Feral cats Felis catus introduced onto oceanic islands pose a major ecological threat to endemic vertebrates, but their control is difficult. Immunocontraception has not been considered previously as a method for their control or eradication, and therefore we used a modelling approach to assess whether virus-vectored immunocontraception (VVIC) might be effective.

We compared the relative efficiency of cat control/eradication using immunocontraception and three different disseminating techniques, i.e. baits, genetically modified viral vectors, or both. We accounted for several forms of dynamic compensation likely to arise in a population with artificially reduced fertility.

Author Courchamp, F. and Cornell, S.J.
Date 2000-12-01
Year 2000
Secondary title Journal of Applied Ecology
Volume 37
Number 6
Pages 903-913