Using Information Technology to Enhance Community Engagement

Program 4 of the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (IACRC) focused on the institutional, policy, and adoption processes for community engagement. As part of this program, 4E1 – “Facilitation of Collective Action” – had two primary objectives: (1) catalysing an effective and sustainable support system for on-going community-led action at the landscape level and (2) developing a cohort of community engagement professionals working in the field. Central to achieving these objectives was the need to strengthen the knowledge base for both professionals and community members seeking to collaborate in controlling invasive species. There is a currently a significant gap in theory and empirical research relating to the effective use of online, web-based delivery platforms for engagement.

This document was developed in 2014 and reviews the literature on this issue, describes internet access and use patterns in Australia, summarizes current IACRC online and web-based tools and provides observations regarding potential modifications and improvements, and concludes with recommendations for further research.

Although some of the data is now out-of-date, the document provides a useful platform for the goal of designing an integrated engagement strategy which includes online tools.

Author Dr. Theodore R. Alter, Dr. Jeffrey C. Bridger, Paloma Z. Frumento, Madison S. Miller, and Eleanor S. Polley
Date 11/07/2017
Year 2017
Place published Canberra
Publisher Centre for Invasive Species
Institution Pennsylvania State University and University of New England
Documents Download the Report [1.4Mb PDF]