Use of Llamas as livestock guarding animals to limit the incidence of sheep predation by wild dogs and foxes

Livestock guarding animals (LGA’s) are used across the United States and Europe to limit the incidence of predation by native and introduced predators on domestic livestock. Within Australia dog breeds such as Maremma, Anatolian mastiff (Karabash) and Great Pyrenees are currently in use along with Alpacas, Llamas and in some cases donkeys. The use of Llamas as LGA’s for the protection of sheep from wild dog attack has gained
popularity within S/E New South Wales over the last 5 years. A number of innovative trials have been undertaken by wild dog management groups which identify a consistent decrease in the incidence of wild dog attacks within paddocks where sheep are guarded by Llamas.

Secondary title 4th NSW Pest Animal Control Conference
Author G. Tyrell and R. Hunt
Date 30/09/2008
Year 2008
Place published Wagga Wagga
Region NSW