Use of an immunocontraceptive vaccine in feral Kaimanawa mares.

Porcine zona pellucida vaccine sourced from the USA caused a significant serological response in captive Kaimanawa mares. Two injections of the vaccine given two weeks apart gave a serological response similar to that resulting from three injections given every two weeks over four weeks. Two injections of a vaccine produced at Massey University given to a thoroughbred mare gave a similar response to that produced by the American vaccine. A serological response of this level is likely to prevent conception during the following breeding season. The mass production of the vaccine using porcine
zona pellucida material is difficult in New Zealand due to the large number of sows’ ovaries required per vaccine (around 80 ovaries per dose) and the limited number of sows killed at any meat plant. The American vaccine is a suspension which must be shaken vigorously before use. Moreover the material quickly settles out of suspension, and this may make it difficult to use in a dart gun under field conditions.

Author Stafford, KJ.; Minot, E.O.; Linklater, W.L.; Cameron, EX; Todd, S.E.
Date null
Year 2001
Secondary title Conservation Advisory Science Notes No. 330
Place published City
Institution NZ Department of Conservation
Pages 13
Notes Notes
Control method Fertility Control
Region NZ