Trilepidea adamsii : An obituary for a species

The factors leading to the presumed extinction of Trilepidea adamsii (Cheesem.) Tiegh., an endemic New Zealand mistletoe, are discussed. Although several factors are involved, including habitat loss, overcollecting, reduced seed dispersal, and browsing by the brushtailed possum (Trichosurus vulpecula Kerr.), interactions among these factors appear to have been particularly important in this extinction. Possums, introduced from Australia last century, probably expanded too late to have had a major impact on Trilepidea adamsii except perhaps at the very end, but they do seriously jeopardize the long term survival of several other plant species in New Zealand. Trilepidea adamsii illustrates the range of factors, and their interactions, that can lead to the extinction of a species.

Author D. A. Norton
Year 1991
Secondary title Conservation Biology
Volume 5
Number 1
Pages 52-57