The Toxicity and Acceptability of Warfarin and 1080 Poison to Penned Feral Pigs

Experiments were conducted which examined the toxicity and acceptability of warfarin and 1080 poison to penned feral pigs. Warfarin was very toxic and highly acceptable. Maximum mortality was 11 of 12 at 0.08% concentration for 2 or 3 days, or 0.1% concentration for 2 days. 1080 toxicity was 2 of 19 at 0.05% for 1 day. Bait intake declined significantly when bait was poisoned with 1080. The results and their implications are discussed.

Author Hone, J. and Kleba, R.
Date null
Year 1984
Secondary title Australian Wildlife Research
Volume 11
Number 1
Pages 103-111
Notes Notes
Control method Baiting
Region Australia - national