The state of the art: a synopsis of information on common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in Australia

In January 2003, the Murray-Darling Basin Commission, through the Pest Animal Control CRC, and in alignment with the Commission’s Native Fish Strategy, initiated their ‘Daughterless Carp’ (DC) program; a blue-sky project of relatively high risk, aimed at reducing the number of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in the Basin by severely skewing the sex-ratio of wild carp towards males. Although in its early stages, the DC technology offers promise in the long-term because the genetic sequence used to produce daughterless carp is found naturally in the carp itself, and is species-specific and self-liberating.

The genetic DC technology is currently being trialled in the laboratory with Medaka (Oryzias latipes) before testing with common carp. Medaka is more apposite for genetic trials because it thrives under laboratory conditions, and has short generation times due to its small size, fast growth and early maturity. Testing on carp is, however, imminent. In the meantime, carp population models are being developed by CSIRO Marine, Hobart and Primary Industries and Resources Victoria (PIRVIC) to establish appropriate release strategies, to indicate the likely spread of the daughterless gene post-release, and to test combinations of complementary control scenarios as part of an Integrated Pest Management program (Haddon 2003).

To ensure that the models are useful, their inputs must be realistic i.e., all aspects of carp ecology, and variations among heterogenous environments must be understood at spatial scales relevant to the Basin-wide control of carp. To this end, an evaluation of existing data for modelling purposes is not available. Accordingly, this review summarises the available information on common carp in Australia.

Author Benjamin B. Smith
Year 2005
Secondary title SARDI Research Report Series No. 77
Place published Adelaide
Publisher South Australian Research and Development Institut
Institution SARDI Aquatic Sciences
Pages 68
Region Australia - national
Documents The state of the art: a synopsis of information on common carp in Australia