The sensitivity of Australian animals to 1080 poison VIII. Amphibians and reptiles

Amphibian and reptile species that have been tested in Australia are generally more tolerant to 1080 poison than are most other animals. The most common signs of poisoning amongst both groups of animals are a lack of movement or convulsions. Visible signs of poisoning first appeared from 13 h to almost 7 days after dosing. Deaths followed from 15 h to almost 22 days after dosing. It is unlikely that amphibians and reptiles face any direct poisoning risk from pest-poisoning campaigns involving 1080, given their high tolerance and the enormous amounts of poisoned bait that would have to be eaten. Some individuals, however, could be detrimentally affected through ingesting sublethal quantities of 1080.

Author McIlroy, J. C., King, D. R. and Oliver, A. J.
Date null
Year 1985
Secondary title Australian Wildlife Research
Volume 12
Number 1
Pages 113-118
Notes Notes
Control method 1080 (sodium monofluoroacetate)
Region Australia - national