The potential of poisoned foliage as bait for controlling feral goats (Capra hircus)

An operational-scale trial to control feral goats using poisoned foliage was conducted in the 6380 ha Mangaotane catchment of the Raukumara Ranges, North Island, New Zealand, in 1986. An estimated 87% of the goats were killed. Results from this trial (effort, costs, and efficacy) are compared with those from other trials using poisoned foliage aimed at goats and deer, and also compared with other control methods such as various forms of hunting and aerial baiting. The control methods are then discussed in terms of their suitability for dealing with particular management scenarios and, particularly, for remnant goat populations during attempts at eradication. Poisoned foliage may be useful for high-density goat populations that are in physical refuges that cannot be hunted from the ground or the air. It is noted that 1080 in gel is not registered for feral goat control in New Zealand.

Author Veltman, C. J. and Parkes, J.
Date null
Year 2002
Secondary title Science for Conservation
Volume 204
Publisher Department of Conservation
Pages 21
Notes Notes
ISBN/ISSN 1173-2946 / 0-478-22288-2
Control method Poison / Toxin
Region NZ