The influence of pasture distribution, and temperature on adult body weight of feral pigs in a semi-arid environment

The influence of high temperature and the distribution and abundance of pasture on variation in adult body weight of feral pigs was examined at Nocoleche Nature Reserve, semi-arid New South Wales, over the course of a drought. The influence of the pigs sex, and the mean maximum environmental temperature and pasture biomass on the adult pigs body weight, were examined. There was no significant difference between the sexes with respect to adult body weight, and the mean adult body weight being 37.5 kg for both sexes. Adult body weight was negatively correlated with mean maximum temperature and positively correlated with pasture biomass in woodlands. The conclusion from this study is that body weight increased over the course of the study at the drought eased but showed definite seasonal increases during winter when temperatures were lowest.

Author Dexter, N.
Date null
Year 2003
Secondary title Wildlife Research
Volume 30
Number 1
Publisher CSIRO Publishing
Pages 75-79
Notes Notes
ISBN/ISSN doi:10.1071/WR01026
Region NSW