The genetics of mammalian invasions: a review

This review takes a broad perspective on mammalian invasions and considers genetic aspects of both natural colonisation and conservation-related translocations as a backdrop to the genetics of introductions of wildlife-management concern. Genetics can help characterise invading populations in useful ways and can reveal, with greater or lesser precision, the geographical sources of invasions, their timing and how many individuals were involved. Invading mammals may affect the genetics of natives indirectly or directly, and it is important to be able to document this. There is a need to consider both ?organism invasion? and ?gene invasion?. Genetics often provides an unexpected perspective on invasion biology. Examples illustrating all these points are provided through the article.

Author Jeremy B. Searle
Date 20/05/2008
Year 2008
Secondary title Wildlife Research
Volume 35
Number 3
Institution University of York
Department Department of Biology
Pages 185?192
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