The effectiveness of aerial baiting for control of feral pigs (Sus scrofa) in North Queensland

This study assessed the proportion of a feral pig population that consumed aerially distributed baits incorporating a non-toxic biomarker (iophenoxic acid). Baits were distributed at a rate of 18 baits km-2 over 70 km2 of a seasonally inaccessible habitat. A total of 102 feral pigs were then captured by trapping and ground-shooting. Blood samples from 63 adult feral pigs were analysed for the presence of the biomarker; 40 (63%) were considered to have consumed at least one bait. Ground-shooting and trapping over 6 days resulted in 18% and 16% population reduction respectively.

Author Mitchell, J.
Year 1998
Secondary title Wildlife Research
Volume 25
Pages 297-303
Control method Baiting
Region QLD