Technical Review of Sodium Monofluoroacetate (1080) Toxicology

The application of poison bait using the toxin sodium monofluoracetate, commonly known as 1080, is an effective and widely used possum control method. It is currently the only control method that can be applied from the air, which makes it especially valuable when rapid, effective control is needed over large areas of difficult terrain.

The use of 1080 in this way has been the subject of considerable research into the toxicology of the chemical and its potential impacts on the environment, non-target species and human health. New Zealand is a world leader in this research.

The Animal Health Board has commissioned Landcare Research to compile an updated review of this research as an information source for the users of 1080, the authorities and agencies which control its use, and for other interested people and organisations. Our request to Landcare Research was to produce a document which is both scientifically thorough and also accessible to non-scientific readers.

Author Animal Health Board (Inc), NZ
Date null
Year 2002
Place published City
Institution Animal Health Board and Landcare Research New Zeal
Pages 31
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ISBN/ISSN ISBN 0-478-09346-2
Control method 1080 (sodium monofluoroacetate)