Tasmania’s Nature Conservation Strategy 2002-2006

‘Tasmania’s Nature Conservation Strategy’ is an important whole-of-government document that complements several other Government initiatives, including Tasmania Together, the State of Environment Report and the Natural Resource Management Framework. It was produced by the State Biodiversity Committee, a broadly based group of experts established in 2000 and chaired by Professor Bruce Davis. A consultation draft was released in June 2001.

The strategy is an action plan to protect Tasmania’s natural diversity and maintain ecological processes and systems. It includes a synthesis of the issues affecting Tasmania’s native plants, animals, and geological processes in land, freshwater, and marine environments.

Author State Biodiversity Committee
Date null
Year 2002
Publisher State Biodiversity Committee
Pages 57
Notes Notes
Region TAS
Links https://www.dpiw.tas.gov.au/inter.nsf/Attachments/JCOK-5L2664/$FILE/NCS%20Final%20Report%202003.pdf