Wild dog

Paroo Model of Wild Dog Control – Western QLD

The Paroo Shire residents have been leaders in developing and implementing best practice in the coordinated control of wild dogs. Wild Dogs are defined as feral dogs, dingoes and hybrid […]

NWDAP Communiqué 20

June 2016 | Edition 2016 – 3 News from the Implementation Steering Committee Michael McCormack chaired a teleconference of the Implementation Steering Committee on 31st May 2016 in the absence […]

Wild dog – humaneness matrix

Matrix showing the relative humaneness of wild dog control methods. The ‘humaneness’ of a pest animal control method refers to the overall welfare impact that the method has on an  […]

DOG001: Trapping of wild dogs using padded-jaw traps

Trapping of wild dogs is often used where poison baiting is less effective, for example, in or around lambing paddocks where there is abundant food. Trapping is useful for targeting […]