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Ethical issues in vertebrate pest management: can we balance the welfare of individuals and ecosystems?

The unique flora and fauna of New Zealand and Australia arose largely due to speciation that occurred in geographic isolation for approximately 60 and 38 million years respectively. However, the […]

Ground disturbance by feral pigs: Ecosystem engineering or just rooting around?

Ground disturbance by pigs could lead to the selective removal of specific elements of the below ground subsystem (i.e. mycorrhiza, macroinvertebrates), or their indirect elimination through modification of physical and […]

Strategic Control of Exotic Vertebrate Pests for the Conservation of Biodiversity: Threat Abatement Planning in New South Wales, Australia

Exotic vertebrate pests are among the most significant threats to biodiversity throughout the world. In Australia, the introduction of three species of carnivore, the wild dog (Canis lupis dingo and […]