Feral cats

National mapping of the abundance of established, new and emerging pest animals to improve decision-making and the assessment of government investment programs: Part 1 – PEST ANIMALS

Lead researcher: Peter West, NSW Department of Primary Industries, peter.west@dpi.nsw.gov.au Baseline information on the distribution and damage caused by pest animals is required to allocate resources to where they are […]

CAT002: Trapping of feral cats using cage traps

Although cage trapping is considered an ineffective tool for large areas, it may be useful in urban/residential areas where domestic cats are present, or where populations have already been reduced […]

CAT003: Trapping of feral cats using padded-jaw traps

Live trapping followed by euthanasia is one of the main methods of feral cat control currently used. In urban/residential areas, cage traps are preferred over leg hold traps as fewer […]

Invasive Species Managment Plan for the Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA

Invasive species have been recognised as the key problem in the Border Rivers-Gwydir catchment which was found in a 2007- 08 survey titled ‘Understanding Natural Resource Management from a Landholders […]