Observations on the sensitivity of some Australian birds and the feral pig to the organophosphorus insecticide, fenthion ethyl

Some toxicological data are presented to show that seven species of birds in Australia are highly sensitive to the organophosphorus insecticide, fenthion ethyl (sold under the trade name of Luci-Jet). […]

Alien plant and animal control and aspects of ecological restoration in a small ‘mainland island’: Wenderholm Regional Park, New Zealand

Since 1965, ecosystem-focused ecological restoration has been undertaken in a small (60ha) mainland island at Wenderholm Regional Park (134 ha), which lies on a peninsula on the east coast north […]

Similarities and contrasts in the diets of foxes, Vulpes vulpes, and cats, Felis catus, relative to fluctuating prey populations after drought

The diets of the fox, Vulpes vulpes, and feral cat, Felis catus, were studied at Yathong Nature Reserve in semi-arid western New South Wales. The overall occurrence of rabbit was […]