Sustaining Eden: Indigenous Community Wildlife Management in Australia

This report focuses on Australian indigenous peoples’ use and management of terrestrial vertebrates and some marine species (dugongs and turtles), In doing so it examines the extent to which the contemporary involvement of indigenous people in managemenet of these species and their habitats is an effective example of community based wildlife management (CWM), which provides for sustainable use of wildlife and returns benefit to indigenous communities. It explores key issues and policy considerations for the future of indigenous CWM in Australia.

Our aim in preparing this review is to contribute to the development of effective CWM by encouraging the sharing of information and experience within Australia and with people and organisations in other countries.

Author Davies, J., Higginbottom, K., Noack, D., Ross, H. and Young, E.
Secondary title Evaluating Eden Series 1
Number 1
Pages 138
ISBN/ISSN 1561-8382
Region Australia - national