Soft-jaw and collar animal traps & equipment

Images show various traps and equipment used for fox and wild dog control.:

  • Soft Jaw ‘Victor’ rubber lined trap.
  • Soft Jaw ‘Jake’ rubber lined trap. These are slightly larger and heavier than the “Victor” soft jaw trap.
  • “Collarum” trap.
  • GPS alarm system which can be used with most traps from cage style through to foot traps. The signal can be picked up anywhere in the world and relayed to your email with an attached map showing where the trap went off.
  • PIR Camera (still or video) to make sure you know who’s coming to your feed station before you set traps and go for your intended target.

These traps are a lot more efficient than the old steel jaw trap, mainly because the rubber lined traps hold onto the fur on the leg rather than cutting into the skin. The skin being cut often caused the animal to lick then chew the wound and they would often end up chewing their leg right off. These traps hold the animal without direct pain at the point of holding, just they cant pull their foot out. Images courtesy Michael Dickinson.

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Author Michael Dickinson
Secondary Author Michael Dickinson
Year 2009
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