Social drivers behind participation in pest fish-out competitions

SocialDrivers_coverIt is now widely accepted that it is important to understand the ‘human dimensions’ of wildlife management issues to achieve management goals (Conover 2002; Miller 2009). One of the key areas of interest within human dimensions is participation and uptake of management initiatives by the community. A clearer understanding of the drivers behind community participation will lead to better engagement with stakeholders and ultimately increase the uptake and success of management actions.

Many community groups are concerned about the impacts of pest fish, particularly carp, (Cypinus carpio) in their local waterways and want to actively address the issue. To combat the impacts and spread of these pest fish some groups have organised community ‘fish-out’ events.

The objectives of this project were to investigate the drivers, or reasons, behind participation in carp fish-out competitions and how participants perceive the presence of carp in the rivers. Competitors at six competitions were asked to complete a survey looking at their drivers behind participation, perceived impacts of carp and demographics.

Published by the Invasive Animals CRC as part of the PestSmart Toolkit series.


Social drivers behind participation in pest fish-out competitions [ 630kb PDF ]


PestSmart Toolkit for carp:

Secondary title PestSmart Toolkit
Author Andrew Norris and Guy Ballard
Year 2013
Publisher Invasive Animals CRC
Department Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre
Pages 39 pp
ISBN/ISSN ISSD: 978-1-921777-66-0
Control method Fishing