Short communication: Suitability of aerially sown artificial baits as a technique for poisoning feral goats

The preferences of a captive herd of goats with feral ancestry were evaluated for 11 artificial pest control baits and commercial stock feed pellets. A commercial stock food pellet (based on barley, bran, and oats) was the most preferred basic bait. A mixture of 2% diced Griselinia littoralis (broadleaf) leaves (a preferred natural food plant) and 2% molasses (per weight of basic bait) increased palatability of this basic bait. The best lured bait was aerially sown at 1 kg ha-1 in a 380 ha area with about 50 feral goats. Only 25% of the goats were shown by the biological tracer iophenoxic acid to have eaten baits after 8 days. We conclude that one-hit aerial poisoning of goats is unlikely to be effective as a control method because most goats are unlikely to eat food from off the ground.

Author Forsyth, D. M. and Parkes, J. P.
Date null
Year 1995
Secondary title New Zealand Journal of Ecology
Volume 19
Number 1
Pages 73-76
Notes Notes
Control method Baiting
Region NZ