Rapid response to new fish incursions

Some introduced freshwater fish species have had devastating impacts on Australia’s native freshwater fish species and other aquatic life and ecosystems. Introduced or ‘alien’ fish usually have a high rate […]

Prohibited reptiles land Greenbank man a $1500 fine

A Greenbank man has been fined $1500 in the Ipswich Magistrates Court for illegally keeping three exotic non-native reptiles. Biosecurity Queensland Principal Biosecurity Officer Duncan Swan said the man was […]


To help prevent new invasive animal problems, governments need to put systems in place to ensure that ‘high risk’ species – those that could readily establish and become pests in […]


In Australia, management of pest animals may be complex and regulated by various . Each of Australia’s jurisdictions has their own legislation and strategies for managing pest animals consistent with […]

Potential invasives

Potential invasives may be caused by the establishment of populations of species previously not found in Australia, or the expansion of a already established species into a new area or […]

DSS Tool Links

Fish Identification Fishbase provides comprehensive species data, including information on taxonomy, geographical distribution, biometrics and morphology, behaviours and habitats, ecology and population dynamics as well as reproductive, metabolic and genetic […]


Policies and best practice guidelines See page Australia – national Australia – state plans International Agencies Models Risk assessments Case studies Savannah cat import ban CRC submission Final environmental assessment […]