Pest animal species

Our Pest Animal Toolkits provide information on pest animal impacts, ecology, behaviour and options for their management. The toolkits contain video explainers, case studies of successful management programs and links […]

Feral Camel

Australia may now have the largest wild population of Arabian camels (Camelus dromedarius) in the world. They live in most of Australia’s desert country including the Great Sandy, Gibson, Great Victoria […]

Feral Photos 2015: Winners

The 2015 Feral Photos competition has been judged. Thanks for everyone who entered – the standard was very high and with over 300 entries, judging was difficult! Congratulations to all […]

The role of rabbit and other invasive herbivore control in reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions

Controlling feral animals such as rabbits, goats and camels could provide a cost-effective contribution to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions targets while also generating important benefits for agricultural productivity, regional communities and the environment.

Humane Codes

Model Codes of Practice (COPs) and Standard Operating procedures (SOPs) for the humane control of key pest animal species are provided. A model Code of Practice (COP) for each of […]

Risk assessment

Risk assessment models for the introduction of birds and mammals, of freshwater fish, and of reptiles and amphibians to Australia

PestSmart Connect is a toolkit of information on best practice pest animals management in Australia.