Pest animal species

Our Pest Animal Toolkits provide information on pest animal impacts, ecology, behaviour and options for their management. The toolkits contain video explainers, case studies of successful management programs and links […]

Cane toad

The cane toad (Rhinella marina, formerly Bufo marinus) is native to Central and South America and is a member of the ‘true toads’ (family Bufonidae). Cane toads have dry, yellow-brown, […]


Policies and best practice guidelines See page Australia – national Australia – state plans International Agencies Models Risk assessments Case studies Savannah cat import ban CRC submission Final environmental assessment […]

Counting the cost: impact of invasive animals in Australia, 2004

Feral animals cost Australia in excess of $720 million per year. They cause catastrophic damage and threaten our landscape, agriculture and industries. This report estimates the economic, environmental and social […]

PestSmart Connect is a toolkit of information on best practice pest animals management in Australia.