Sandstone Rangeland Rehabilitation Program

The Sandstone LCD was established in 1989 with its chief goal to halt rangeland degradation and accelerated erosion within the District. Areas of rangelands have suffered due to overstocked waters and the lack of a coordinated approach to feral goat control. Sheep production in terms of wool production and lambing percentages suffer under these conditions. In the past stations have carried more stock than was appropriate in order to maintain incomes.

This project seeks to reverse the downward spiral of poor production and rangeland degradation, by providing the test equipment and knowledge for pastoralists to install cost efficient extra dam water points, coordinate goat eradication musters, demonstrate run-off control measures that work, testing regeneration techniques and plant species, and providing, by 1994 a district regeneration implement. The provision of a drilling rig to test potential dam sites, and demonstrations and advice on how to site, design and construct dams will result in pastoralists installing more stock waters, spreading out their sheep and decreasing stock pressure. The rangelands will improve, as will stock productivity. Sandstone is an isolated district where it is impossible to hire suitable equipment for dam site exploration.

Author Sandstone Land Conservation District
Year 1991
Volume 01/01/1991 - 01/12/1993
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