Risk assessment for the establishment of exotic vertebrates in Australia: recalibration and refinement of models

The Bureau of Rural Sciences has developed models for assessing the risk that exotic vertebrates could establish in Australia for mammals, birds, freshwater finfish, reptiles and amphibians. An integral part of these models is climate matching between each species overseas geographic range and Australia.

The risk assessment models for mammals, birds and freshwater finfish were developed from analyses of successful and failed introductions of exotic mammals, birds and finfish to Australia. The attributes of the species that established exotic populations were compared to the attributes of species that were released in Australia but which failed to establish.

Overall, successfully introduced species had high climate match scores and failed species had low scores and this difference was highly statistically significant. It was assumed that potential future introductions of exotic species in these taxa which have high climate match scores will have a high probability of successfully establishing whereas species with low climate match scores will have a low probability of establishing.

Author Mary Bomford
Year 2006
Place published Canberra
Institution Bureau of Rural Sciences
Department Department of the Environment and Heritage
Pages 130 pp
Region Australia - national

Bomford, 2006