Review of the management of feral animals and their impact on biodiversity in the Rangelands: A resource to aid NRM planning

The Pest Animal Control Cooperative Research Centre (PAC CRC) was
commissioned by the Australian Department of the Environment and Heritage to
review feral animal management for biodiversity outcomes in the Rangelands. This
review was undertaken to help guide future Natural Heritage Trust spending on feral
pest management and control in the Rangelands.

The outcomes of the project were to:

  • provide options for the Australian Government to better target its action and
    investment to limit the impact of feral animals on biodiversity in the Rangelands
  • assist Australian Government officers to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of proposed feral animal projects in the context of the Natural Heritage Trust
    regional planning process
  • improve the regions’ ability to plan for and implement feral animal management
    in an integrated way to protect biodiversity.

The report achieves these outcomes by:

  • summarising relevant Australian Government, State and Territory legislation, as
    well as government and private arrangements (Section 4);
  • documenting existing methods for the management of feral animals (Section 5);
  • assessing the adequacy of these methods and their applicability to the Rangelands (addressed in Sections 5 and 7);
  • identifying gaps and opportunities for targeting Commonwealth action and
    investment in the management of feral animals in the Rangelands (Section 7).
  • developing a checklist for best practice planning and management of feral animals, to assist regions to develop programs and projects, and to allow Government officers to assess those programs and projects (Section 8)
  • listing rangeland feral animal management projects previously funded under the
    Natural Heritage Trust and other programs (Appendix 3)

The report begins with a major section that lists feral animal species found in the
Rangelands, summarising their distribution and impacts on biodiversity (Section 3).

Author Norris, A, and Low, T,
Date null
Year 2005
Place published City
Publisher Pest Animal Control CRC
Institution Pest Animal Control CRC
Pages 247 pp
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Region Australia - national
Documents Rangelands Review