Response to Ship Rat incursion on the Chicken (Marotere) Islands, January 2009

In January 2009 rat prints were found on two of the Chicken (Marotere) Islands that were rodent free and hold threatened species that no longer occurred naturally on the mainland. An immediate, well organised, and sustained response to a rat incursion to achieve eradication on such islands was critical however ?best practice? or actions to ensure early eradication success are still at a learning stage in incursion response. Through recording, reviewing the actions and results to this incidence we hope to build our knowledge and expertise in responding to such an event.

This document informs of the NZ Department of Conservation (Whangarei Area Office):

  • actions to determine the nature and extent of the rat incursion and achieve eradication
  • the debrief/recommendations arising from the response following 4 months of recording no further rats
Author Keith Hawkins, Glen Coulston & Bryce Lummis
Year 2009
Secondary title Summary of Operation and debrief
Place published Whangarei, New Zealand
Institution Dept of Conservation, Whangarei, New Zealand
Department Department of Conservation
Pages 35 pp
Control method Trapping
Region NZ
Documents Chicken Islands Rat Incursion report