Refining Target Speficity of Mechanical Ejectors – Attractants and presentation methods

Ejectors are a spring–loaded, mechanical device, which contain a small plastic capsule of sodium cyanide. Coated with a foul smelling, canine-specific attractant, ejectors are concealed in the ground. When discovered and pulled, they eject a puff of cyanide into the mouth of the predator. This study aimed to. Develop and test a range of attractants for “baiting” ejectors for canids and identify what native species are at risk with their use. Compare effectiveness and target specificity of above ground, hidden, collared and buried ejectors. Train and familiarise Land Protection Officers in the use and deployment of ejectors and develop draft operational guidelines for their use. Commence a program of public education on the use and safety of ejectors.

Author Allen, Lee
Year 1999
Place published Toowoomba
Publisher Department of Natural Resources and Mines, QLD
Pages 10
Notes electronic copy held
Control method Metal ejectors M44
Region QLD
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