Project No. R-10577 Pigs as hosts of bovine tuberculosis in New Zealand : A review

Landcare Research conducted a review focusing on the role of feral pigs as hosts and vectors of bovine tuberculosis (Tb) in New Zealand.

Objectives: Review the role of feral pigs and pig hunting in the maintenance and spread of bovine tuberculosis (Tb), by: Updating 1990s reviews of pig ecology, Tb-host status and control methods; providing an initial assessment of whether and, if so, how pigs and pig hunters might be managed as part of vector control operations.

Author G. Nugent, B. Reddiex, J. Whitford & I. Yockney
Date 01/12/2003
Year 2003
Secondary title Landcare Research Contract Report
Place published City
Publisher Landcare Research
Pages 25
Notes Notes
ISBN/ISSN LC0304/059
Region NZ