Problems caused by the Silver Gull

Outlines background and solutions to problems caused by the silver gull. Silver Gulls can create a hazard to aircraft airports, they may contaminate water storages, roofs, picnic areas and swimming pools with faeces and regurgitated matter. Where gulls roost near car parks, their faeces may damage the paintwork on cars.

Gulls roosting or nesting on roofs can cause blockage of gutters with regurgitated bones and with nesting material; reduce the life-span of roof materials; and disturb staff with noise, odours and by swooping during the nesting season. Silver Gulls may compete with other bird species for breeding space and prey on their eggs and young.

Weed problems can be caused or exacerbated by regurgitation of the seeds of weed species such as African Box-thorn Lycium ferocissimum and Mirror-bush Coprosma repens.

Author Temby, Ian
Year 2003
Publisher Department of Sustainability and Environment, VIC
Pages 2
ISBN/ISSN 1440-2246
Region VIC