Preliminary assessment of oral rotenone baits for carp control in NSW

Carp are a major pest in freshwater systems in New South Wales, and occur throughout the inland Murray-Darling River system as well as in many coastal rivers. There is currently no method for removing pest fish that is specific to any single species. Consequently, all methods currently available for carp control involve some risk to other species.

The development by Prentiss Corp (USA) of a bait system that takes the poison rotenone and delivers it in a manner that affects carp only represents a potential break through in providing real options for carp control. This paper assesses the risks posed by Prentox Prenfish Common Carp Management baits to valuable native fish, and the effectiveness of the pellets against carp.

Author Gehrke, P. C.
Date 10/05/2003
Year 2003
Secondary title Managing invasive freshwater fish in New Zealand
Place published Conference Location
Publisher Department of Conservation, NZ
Notes Notes
Control method Baiting
Region NSW