Potential of molecular approaches for the environmentally benign management of carp

Advances in molecular biology mean there are now a number of different molecular approaches for control, and possible eradication, of pest populations. Ones relevant to carp Cyprinus carpio L. in Australia include chromosomal manipulation, gender manipulation (via hormones and transgenic methods) and the introduction of inducible fatality genes via transgenic methods. These methods can be briefly summarised as follows.

Author Grewe, P.
Date 1996-10-22
Year 1996
Secondary title Controlling carp: exploring the options for Australia
Volume Chapter 9
Place published Albury
Publisher CSIRO Land and Water
Pages 119-129
ISBN/ISSN ISBN 0 643 05883 4
Control method Biological Control
Region Australia - national
Links https://www.clw.csiro.au/publications/controlling_carp.pdf