Postnatal growth, metabolism, and thermoregulation in the stoat

Young male 11 g, female 8.5 g, probably born Ap 25, taken from nest May 5, reared by a mink. Eyes opened 26 days female, 30 days male, ears 2 days earlier. Killed at 60 days. female full grown at 70 days (110 g), male at 80 days (170 g). Both able to go into temporary cold rigor when left at low temperature – could achieve full thermoreg over a range of temps only at 50-60 days. Data on increases in weight, energy metabolism, cardiac and respiratory function, surface area and weight. Ate 60% body weight in food at 2.5 -3 months.

Author A. N. Segal
Year 1975
Secondary title Ékologia
Volume 1
Pages 38-44