Terrestrial Ecosystems

Unlike many other feral animal and pest control companies, Terrestrial Ecosystems takes a scientific approach to its work and is focussed on the humane and ethical management of fauna. Terrestrial Ecosystems uses technology to minimise staff time required to undertake monitoring programs and has a variety of traps at our disposal. In fact, many other WA environmental firms hire traps and equipment from us, as they do not have sufficient or appropriate traps of their own.

Terrestrial Ecosystems’ initial move into vertebrate pest management and control was stimulated by the need to use the available science in vertebrate feral and pest animal control. Both Partners in Terrestrial Ecosystems have a PhD in a relevant area, regularly publish in the scientific literature, particularly in the area of fauna surveys and trapping procedures and regularly present at appropriate conferences.

Terrestrial Ecosystems can provide advice in the preparation of feral and pest animals management, including signage, stakeholder communications and control and where feasible eradication of the species.

Terrestrial Ecosystems specialises in and can provide services in the following areas:

  • Kangaroo control and relocation;
  • Detecting and assessing feral fauna in an area;
  • Preparing feral fauna management plans;
  • Implementing feral animal control and management plans or programs;
  • Ethical euthanasia of feral fauna including the use chemicals or captive bolt gun;
  • Monitoring of feral fauna;
  • Cat trapping and shooting;
  • Fox baiting, trapping and shooting;
  • Feral bird shooting (e.g. rainbow lorikeets, corellas, pigeons); and
  • Feral fish netting and trapping.

Terrestrial Ecosystems is registered under the Heath (Pesticides) Regulations (2011) as a Pest Management Business (No 2104) and Dr Scott Thompson is a Licensed Pest Management Technician (No 8740). Both Dr Scott Thompson and Dr Graham Thompson are authorised person under the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1960).

Terrestrial Ecosystems is based in Perth, but work all over Western Australia. 

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Terrestrial Ecosystems
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