On Target Feral Pest Destruction

My niche service is to provide a solution to problem animal groups that have evaded aerial culling and resist trapping and baiting methods.

Working within the outline of your existing pest control schedule, I can track and destroy these problem animals in the remote or sensitive areas only accessible by foot and specialise in the use of suitable firearms to allow these animals to be destroyed in numbers when encountered.

I have the equipment, skill, experience, tooling and desire to achieve this, which is sometimes a difficult pursuit.
OTFPD persues pests where others can’t or won’t go due to lack of training, time, physical ability or expertise. My background, skills and experience demonstrate that I’m up to the task of this vital area of feral pest management.

Currently operating in the Burnett Mary area but soon re-locating to Normanton to provide services to the gulf and Cape York areas.

Contact Julian Dent on 04 195 770 73 or via email at larissa.dent2@bigpond.com