Scarybird is a new concept in the ecological management of pest birds. It first originated in France in 2007 in response to a need for an alternative and humane method of pest bird control. It is now sold in over 30 countries.

At the heart of the system is a raptor shaped kite which mimics the flight of a bird of prey. In the wild the main predator of pest birds are birds of prey, i.e. eagles, hawks & falcons. From observations of bird behaviour, it is evident that when raptors are around, pest birds quickly disappear and are no-where to be seen. Scarybird capitalises on this behaviour.

Compared to other bird deterrent products, Scarybird is a simple, effective and affordable solution. Importantly it is 100% environmentally friendly. Birds are frightened off, they are not injured or killed. While no scaring tool can ever be considered 100% effective, Scarybird goes a long way to helping reduce losses in crops from bird damage. While effective as a stand alone product it is most effective when used in conjunction with other methods of deterrence & as part of an overall strategic approach to bird management.

Based in Victoria but available Australia-wide.

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