Northern Gulf Resource Management Group

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group (NGRMG) facilitates pest animal control activities in collaboration with Etheridge, Mareeba, Croydon and Carpentaria Shires, Far North Queensland. At present activities are directed at feral pigs, dogs and cats.   

Covering 196,000 square kilometres of some of Far North Queensland’s finest and most picturesque tropical grazing and horticultural country, and including a slice of the highly productive Gulf of Carpentaria, the Northern Gulf faces a suite of challenges that threaten the resilience, the sustainability and, indeed, the ongoing existence of communities, businesses and unique ecosystems making up the region.  

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group (NGRMG) is based in Georgetown and Mareeba, and in partnership with stakeholders, land care groups, other NRM bodies, and local, State and National governments, delivers outcomes addressing those challenges across much of Far North Queensland.

NGRMG-logoHead office:

PO Box 63
St. George Street
Georgetown QLD 4871
P: (07) 4062 1330

Mareeba office:

PO Box 2077
317 Byrnes Street
Mareeba QLD 4880
P: (07) 4092 1088

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