Glenelg Hopkins CMA

The Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority (CMA) is committed to the reduction and control of pest animals within south-west Victoria and are responsible for establishing priorities for natural resource management in the region on behalf of the community. Management of rabbits is identified as a high priority activity in the Glenelg-Hopkins Regional Catchment Strategy.

The Glenelg Hopkins CMA is responsible for developing a five-year Action Plan for rabbit management. Community groups are encouraged to develop their own local action plans in priority areas. They are also involved in carp monitoring and control programs.

The Glenelg Hopkins Catchment encompasses the Glenelg, Hopkins and Portland Coast Basins lying south of the Great Dividing Range in south western Victoria. The region includes the cities and townships of Ballarat, Hamilton, Warrnambool, Ararat, Casterton, Mortlake, Port Fairy, Beaufort and Portland.

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