B.A.M. Pest Animal Control

We provide pest management plans and pest control programs tailored to suit each individual situation.

Services we offer are: survey’s, shooting, trapping, Ferreting, baiting, possum proofing, bird proofing, domestic cat containment and weed control.

We cover everyone from farmers and volunteer environmental groups to government departments and general public.

Living and growing up in the country I have a passion for conserving and protecting our native flora and fauna from invasive pest species. I am Diploma Qualified in Conservation and Land Management principals and hold the appropriate pest technician licences and training.

Through close consultation with clients we are able to create and implement management plans for specific situations using a variety of techniques. I have previously conducted work for environmental rehabilitation, farming, organic producers to hobby farms, livestock protection and suburban situations.

As a fully licensed, trained, insured and registered business we provide control and removal services of feral pest animals and weeds.

We can also conduct survey’s to identify the fauna and flora present on your property which will be documented in a report with advice on how best to improve your environment to assist in the preservation of our native fauna and flora.

Contact Ben Milne on 0407 822 989 or via email at pestanimal@outlook.com

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