Pest management strategies for parks and reserves of central and western NSW

The NPWS has prepared a series of five regional pest management strategies for the parks and reserves within central and western NSW. The strategies identify major pest populations within these regions and establish priority control programs until 2006.

These strategies recognise that pest species are a problem across the landscape. They aim to maximise the effectiveness of pest control programs, particularly through cooperative programs with neighbours and others across the region. Programs are developed and often carried out in collaboration with neighbours, other government agencies, rural lands protection boards, local councils, regional pest committees, the CSIRO, universities and community groups.

The aim is to apply best-practice, humane, cost-effective pest control methods, which will have minimal impact on the environment. This requires careful planning. Often a range of techniques will be used at critical times of the year, and more than one species will be targeted.

Download the strategies here.

Author NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Date 19/01/2006
Year 2003
Publisher NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
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Region NSW