Pest Animal Management 2003

NPWS pest management programs aim to apply best practice, humane and cost effective methods that will have minimal impacts on the environment. In general this requires careful planning to ensure an integrated approach is adopted using a range of techniques at critical times of the year and often, the targeting of more than one species (e.g. foxes and wild dogs). Integrated pest management is likely to result in the most effective long-term reduction in pest populations because it is less likely to select out tolerant animals e.g. avoid selection of bait-shy foxes or rabbits resistant to the myxoma virus or the calicivirus. Biological control is encorporated into programs where effective agents are available, but in most cases biocontrol must be supplemented with conventional control techniques. The pest management approach adopted by the NPWS reflects a balance between the desire to use the most effective control technique (such as 1080 baiting) and a requirement to minimise non-target impacts and animal suffering.

Author NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Year 2003
Secondary title NSW NPWS Programs
Publisher NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Pages 34
Control method Integrated Pest Management
Region NSW